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Our Services

MSMP offers a range of VIP services under one roof. MSMP customers enjoy a comprehensive service tailored to their individual requirements from the moment they land until they leave Israel. MSMP offers VIP services to business travelers, international organizations, official delegations, government ministries and private customers.

VIP at the airport

We will make your airport experience easier and more pleasant after landing and before takeoff. You will be personally escorted by one of our team members from the moment you land, who will ensure fast and efficient border checks and passport control process, and hosted in the VIP lounge.

VIP land and air transport

We offer a range of options for making your stay in Israel more enjoyable and for reaching your destination Israel in the quickest and safest manner – with a range of the newest and most prestigious cars, armored (bulletproof) cars, helicopters and private planes, according to your requirements.

VIP security

Armed bodyguards for groups and/or individuals from landing to takeoff. Our security personnel are graduates of “shin bet”, israel’s secret service, Police anti-terrorism unit (YAMAM), and are authorized to operate across the country, in the Holy places and in government ministries.

VIP hospitality

Reservations in the most prestigious hotels in Israel according to customer requirements, pre-arrival coordination with hotel manager, advance preparation of rooms, access to exclusive hotel services as required, and more. 

VIP tours

Business tours, entry permits and tickets in advance for visiting attractions, the holiest sites and other unique sites without waiting in queues, customized and pre-coordinated tour programs, a personal tour guide and a total VIP experience.

VIP planning

We at MSMP will help you plan your trip to include schedules, tours, meetings, accommodation, general office services and logistic solutions tailored to your requirements.

VIP communication services

Advanced-technology communication equipment for the duration of your stay, including encrypted telephones, etc.

VIP medical

Mobile and personalized medical services provided by military medics, paramedics, doctors, nurses and even private ambulances, in accordance with customer requirements.

VIP office

Full range of office services including a personal secretary, schedule management, meeting coordination, office equipment (computers/tablets) for the duration of your stay, and logistic solutions as required.

VIP additional services

Creating additional personalized programs as per customer request, catering services, attractions, full concierge services for cultural events, sport, tours, leisure activities, etc.


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