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About Us

Welcome to MSMP.

The company has two main departments, special security and VIP tourism services. The company was founded by experts in these fields and these special services are the result of the rich experience of the company’s founder.

The company’s managers and professional staff are graduates of the security services of the State of Israel with extensive knowledge and experience in Israel and around the world.

Special security:

This department specializes in security consulting that operates in Israel and around the world and provides unique tools, knowledge and solutions in the world of security at all levels and issues.

Special security, combat and shooting training, hand-to-hand combat, a combination of technological and cyber means, full operational planning for every mission from the private client through large corporations to public sectors.

The vast knowledge and experience of the company’s managers and professional staff that they have accumulated over decades in the various security bodies, each in its own field, provide a complete and comprehensive solution to the company’s customers in the most professional and proficient way, tailored to their requirements and needs.

The directors of the company and the professional staff are graduates of the General Security Service and corresponding organizations, graduates of special units in the army and the police.

VIP services:

MSMP specializes in providing the highest level of VIP services to its customers both in Israel and abroad.

Our company offers VIP packages that provide all services for tourism in the country and all under one roof.

With us, the customer receives VIP service from the moment of landing until the moment of take-off, including: VIP transfer in the airport, land / air transportation, special security, customized tour program, accommodation and more.

MSMP is engaged in providing services to private and official clients, business and government bodies, individual clients and large delegations, all the while maintaining high professionalism and a personal and warm attitude.

MSMP is a company founded for people who are looking for more with uncompromising quality and unmatched excellence.

MSMP Founder

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Yiftach Ben David Radnai

Former commander in the "shin bet", israel secret service with rich experience in a range of command positions in complex operations in Israel and abroad. He is a professional and expert consultant on all aspects of security issues, with experience in working with senior government officials and business and private customers. Served as senior advisor to leaders such as Defense Minister and a former Chief of Staff and is highly skilled in organizing, managing and executing large-scale projects involving extensive manpower and resources.

Mr. Radnai holds a multidisciplinary B.A degree from Bar Ilan University.


Oren Or Bittoun

(development manager)

49 years old, married +4, is a resident of Kfar-Saba, Israel. Bittoun was a commander at the undercover unit of the border-police force during the first Intifada, under the leadership of the late Eli Avram, who founded the special unit. 

Oren attributes his skills of leadership, resolve and persistence to his military service in that special force unit, which fought against terror daily. 

After a few trips abroad following his discharge at the end of his 3-year service, he began a long and successful career in business, at various fields – Military consulting to armies in Africa, leading top agencies of an international brand in London & Paris, connecting businesspeople in complex deals around the world, as well as a career as a broker for luxury real estate in Israel 

In 2017 he published his book “Powder Keg” (which was translated to English a year later and is selling on Amazon), which tells his life story in light of his military experiences and how they affected his life, telling an inspiring story of success. He gives voluntary lectures to security and rescue teams, and appears in front of teenagers who are about to join the IDF and tells them about the importance of a significant military service and combat tradition of the special units of the IDF.

In 2018 he founded the “Traum4Good” association, while recruiting former top commanders to the advisory committee of the association. The president of the association is former director of the Mossad, Major-General (Ret.) Danny Yatom.

Since then, Oren has become an authority in the field of PTSD both in Israel and abroad, as well as commentator for security at the international TV channel i24News

In 2019-2020 he was a candidate for Knesset on behalf of the “Blue-White” party.



B. H.
Graduate of the Special Unit for Counter-Terrorism (Yamam)

During his twenty years in the service of Yamam, he gained extensive experience in combat and participated in dozens of special operations.

Served in a number of professional teams in the Yamam and gained extensive experience and knowledge in various and varied fields in the areas of shooting and combat.

Has extensive experience in security operations in Israel and abroad, as part of his job he was even transferred for several years abroad to secure the embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

B.H. is a senior and certified firing and combat instructor who instructed dozens of police units in the operational school of the Israel Police, as well as tutorials and training for private and state bodies in Israel and around the world.



Major and commander of a company in the Reserve Forces, with rich experience and extensive knowledge in the field of maritime and world shipping security at its various levels. 

Managed many global security projects, such as: ship security, port security, diving, dealing with pirates and other maritime threats.
Established control centers for emergency and routine management around the world.

Counseling and accompanying state and private bodies in Israel and around the world in the field of ports and maritime transportation.

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